Determining our fee

Architects typically charge for their services in one of four ways: a fixed fee; a percentage of the cost of construction; a cost per-square-foot; or working on an hourly basis.


A fixed or lump-sum fee can be used, but because projects often change along the way, one party or the other may not be happy in the end. 


If a percentage of the construction cost is used, it may lead to a suspicion that the architect isn’t following the owner’s budget needs.  

A method that calls for a cost per square-foot of project size is really only realistic for repetitive project work – such as for a developer.


WPD prefers working on an hourly basis, because it seems to best benefit both the owner and the architect. 


Usually, the fees end up ranging from 8-12% of the General Contractors cost to you.

Our initial consultation meeting with you is at no cost.  We begin working for you after receipt of an appropriate retainer and bill monthly or as phases are completed. 


The work can be ended at any point by either of us, with written notification and payment for all work to date.

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