We work closely with you from start to finish, creating the improvements, addition or new home you desire. 


First - we listen to you to learn as much as we can about what you like and don't like about your house.  We'll want to see your wish-list and hear anything about how you really want to live in your home!



We recommend that a qualified remodeling contractor or custom home builder work as the third member of our team starting as early as possible.  A general contractor knows the most about the current building market and will be the best advisor for keeping your project on budget.


Of course, we can also work with you to bid the final drawings to several GCs. However, it has been our experience over time that the team approach works smoothest, and we're both working for you!

Additions, plus...

Often just a small change in the layout of a bathroom or kitchen can make a big difference in how you can use it. 


Removing the right walls or combining two smaller rooms can create a whole new way to enjoy your home.


Renovating or remodeling work is a special area of design and construction.  It is best for both the designers and the contractors to be experienced with it, because there can be surprises within the walls of an existing house... 


We understand the various older kinds of construction and types of materials no longer readily available.

A well placed addition can do more than simply add space - it can allow the whole plan and flow of a house work better and make your home much more enjoyable.


If you've lived in your home many years, love the neighborhood and hate to move - an even larger "whole-house" makeover can give you all the benefits of a new house!


Of course, we can also design you a new house on your property to replace it or on a new lot.  And if you need a vacation getaway house -

we would love to design that with you too!


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